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First grading – the result

So I flicked my grading instructor a message for my result over the weekend, and was totally blown away by his reply – the grading panel gave me something called an ‘unrequested double grading’ (which I barely knew existed), which skips me straight from white belt to yellow.

Over here in the New Zealand ( it looks like the rate of double gradings sit at about 1%.

“Double gradings are awarded to those who show abilities far beyond their grade. These are students who have a real flair for TKD, and performed extra well at grading. “

Needless to say I’m still buzzing! Looks like the conviction and effort I put in on the night of the grading really did cover up my many technical flaws 😉

It’s early days of course and my instructor takes the journey through Taekwondo seriously, so I’m quite confident this will be the only time a double grading happens. But while I fight through this disease looking for positives to keep me focused, this is a massive boost to my self confidence at the start of my martial arts journey.

Final thought – I now have two full theory, pattern and technique sections of the syllabus to master in time for the next grading instead of just one. *sweats*

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