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All the sugar!

Two weeks into my sugar-free diet experiment, and over the weekend I totally let my guard down.

It was my sister’s birthday, a family get-to-gether, and I convinced myself that one night of treats would be fine. You know, before hitting the sugarless wagon again in the morning.

Yeah, no. A night of high sugar intake after two weeks of having almost none is a bad, bad idea. I lay in bed that night with a pounding headache, a horrible taste in my mouth, and my UC (which has been flaring moderately for what feels like forever anyway) on high alert. I generally only get nauseous when my UC is flaring hard, but I felt more sick than I have in a long time.

Up and down all night, blood, nausea, blood, nausea…

Then I woke up with the worst sugar hangover ever. I felt sluggish, blurry, headachy and *dry*.


Needless to say I won’t be jumping off this wagon again any time soon.

Come to me, real food…

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Faced with surgery for a chronic disease, I'm using good food, fitness and martial arts to fight back.

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